July 2020

With Devansh Saxena, Erhardt Graeff, Shion Guha, Pedro Reynolds-Cuéllar, DawnWalker, Christoph Becker, and Kenneth R. Fleischmann, I am co-organizing the workshop "Collective Organizing and Social Responsibility at CSCW" at CSCW'20.  Please stay tuned for the CfP coming up! 

June 2020

I passed my final dissertation defense!  I will be joining the CS faculty in Human-Centered Computing at Aalborg University as an assistant professor this fall

April 2020

CHI 2020 is happening virtually!  I really enjoyed chairing the paper session on Sustainablily, Social Justice and Critical Computing :)  Also stay tune to our workshop on "Understanding the Past, Present, and Future of Design Fictions”  

Nov 2019

I am thrilled to announce that I will co-organize the CHI 2020 workshop with these amazing researchers: Michael Muller, Jeffrey Bardzell, Norman Makoto Su, Eric P.S. Baumer, Casey Fiesler, Ann Light and Mark Blythe. The workshop title is "Understanding the Past, Present, and Future of Design Fictions”  

Nov 2019

I had a great time at CSCW: meeting up with Design Future scholars, academic mentors, and cohorts. Was very pleasure to chair the session on Economic Encounters and introduce fantastic works :) 

June 2019

I traveled San Diego for DIS'19 -- presented a design method paper, served as a session chair (Media in home), participated in DC and served as a SV.  Met great mentors who shared their insightful tips for job market!

May 2019

I will be at Glasgow for CHI'19  --- please come to DomestiCHI session (Click here to see fantastic papers) that I am session-chairing!  (Carron 1, May8, 4:00PM).   Another fun event : CHI Lites  will be happening (9th, 7PM @The Lighthouse)

Mar 2019

I had a wonderful time at HRI'19: co-charing SV and co-organizing  a workshop!   My position paper has beep accepted to "New Direction for the IoT" workshop at CHI'19.  "I Beg to Differ: Soft Conflicts in Collaborative Design Using Design Fiction" has been accepted to DIS'19!  I will serve as a SV and participate in the DC at DIS'19!!  (Mentors:  John Bowers, Wendy Ju) 

Feb 2019

I am pleased to be serving on the Program Committee for research papers of GROUP'20.  I am looking forward to working with other PC members  :-) 

I am excited to be serving on the Program Committee for the Provocations and Works-in-Progress (PWiP) track of Designing Interactive Systems conference (DIS'19) as an associate chair 

Jan 2019
Nov 2018

I am co-organizng the workshop "Robots for Social Good: Exploring Critical Design for HRI" for HRI'19 with Hee Rin Lee, Maartje de Graaf, Cristina Zaga, Patrícia Alves-oliveira, and Jim Young.  I am excited to work with these fantastic researchers.