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Spring 2024

I will be attending HRI'2024 as an author of the paper and as an invited speaker for a workshop "Workers-Robot Relationships. Exploring Transdisciplinarity for the Future of Work with Robots" 

Winter 2023

Our paper, "Power in Human-Robot Interaction", (with Yoyo and Malte)  has been accepted to ACM/IEEE HRI 2024! I am VERY proud of this theory paper. 

Fall 2023

My solo-authored CSCW paper has been accepted!  I presented this work in person at CSCW'23. 

"Powerful Futures: How a Big Tech Company Envisions Humans and Technologies in the Workplace of the Future". Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction, 7(CSCW2), 1-35.

Summer 2023

It was a busy summer! I attended HCIC 2023 and had a blast, reuniting with old friends as a faculty member. I also attended DIS 2023 and reunited with my PhD advisor, Norman. It's hard to describe just how wonderful it was to meet with him and share updates about faculty life.

Fall 2022

I am privileged to serve as a PWiP co-chair for DIS 2023. See you all in Pittsburgh! 

I co-organize the CSCW 2022 workshop "Solidarity and Disruption (Collective Organizing In Computing II)" with amazing HCI researchers and Tech workers colleagues (Linda Huber, Pedro Reynolds-Cuéllar, P M Krafft, Christoph Becker, Danny Spitzberg, Aakash Gautam, Margaret Hughes, Alex A Ahmed). Stay tuned for more details! 


I am privileged to serve as an Associate Chair for CHI 2023 subcommittee "Critical Computing, Sustainability, and Social Justice"

July 2022

The paper "Sustainable Foodtures: Exploring Roles of Future Technology in Sustainable Food Shopping" with Martin Lindrup, Mikael B Skov, Dimitrios Raptis, and Rob Comber," has been accepted to NordiCHI 2022!

June 2022

My another paper has been accepted to CSCW'22:  "Robots as a Place for Socializing: Influences of Collaborative Robots on Social Dynamics In- and Outside the Production Cell” with Eike, Kristina, and Mikael.

This work is based on another fieldwork in Danish manufacturing companies using collaborative robots (cobots)

May 2022
Spring 2022

New publication EunJeong Cheon, Eike Schneiders, Mikael B. Skov. “Working with Bounded Collaboration: A Qualitative Study on How Collaboration is Co-Constructed around Collaborative Robots in Industry” (2022)  The ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW’22). 

---this work is based on my fieldwork in Danish manufacturing companies that use collaborative robots.

I am co-organizing a panel at 4S (Society for Social Studies of Science) called "Community-Robot Reconfigurations: Living and Working Amidst Autonomy" with Elliott Hauser, Justin W Hart, and Swapna Joshi. 

Nov 2021

The paper "Configuring Humans: What Roles Humans Play in HRI Research” has been accepted to ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI'2022). This paper holds a special place in my heart and that of my dear co-author Hee Rin. We began drafting this paper in 2016, and then continued to revise it until 2020. This paper took a long time to complete, but it will be one of the papers that I am most proud of. (the camera-ready version file is attached here)

Fall 2021

Workshop Co-organizing: RO-MAN'21 ("Design-Centered HRI and Governance"), CSCW'21 (Human-Machine Partnerships in the Future of Work)

Panel co-organizing: 4S'21 ("#TechOtherwise: Now is the time to Defund Big Tech and Refund Community)

Serving as an Associate Chair (AC): CHI'22, HRI'22 

Teaching Fall'21: Human-centered Design (IST341)

The paper "Non-Dyadic Interaction: A Literature Review of 15 Years of HRI Conference Publications” has been accepted to ACM Transactions on Human-Robot Interaction (THRI). This paper is with colleagues at my previous institution, AAU

April 2021

The paper "One Byte at a Time: Insights about Meaningful Data for Sustainable Food Consumption Practices" has been accepted to the DIS'21.  This work was from the project where I've co-advised Martin Lindrup (PhD student) with Mikael B Skov and Dimitrios Raptis

Feb 2021

It's live! In collaboration with Lucy Suchman, Andrew Clement, Wolmet Barendregt, Christoph Becker, Pedro Reynolds-Cuéllar, Douglas Schuler, we are excited to release our report <<Defund Big Tech, Refund Community: Anti-Trust is Not Enough, Another Tech is Possible>>

Jan 2021

I am excited to be serving on the Program Committee for DIS'21 as an associate chair (Change & Theory Track).

I am also privileged to serve as a Community co-chair for GROUP'22 and help create inclusivity and diversity in our community. Doug and I are open to having any suggestion or fun idea for (hopefully) the first post-pandemic in-person conference :-)

Dec 2020

I am thrilled to announce that my paper "Jarvis in Motion: A Research Artifact for Circulating Lifestyle Values in Public" has been accepted in CSCW'21!  I thank my collaborators Norman and Shenshen.

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